• Image of Luna Manifesting Kit
  • Image of Luna Manifesting Kit
  • Image of Luna Manifesting Kit
  • Image of Luna Manifesting Kit
  • Image of Luna Manifesting Kit

Manifest your dreams into reality and supercharge your intentions with the power of the moon!

Selenite sphere- (approx 71-75mm diameter)
Assorted smaller crystals
Crystal grid base
Ritual salts
White Sage
Pencil and paper
Leaflet which includes:
- Infomation on Crystals
- Ritual Instructions

The moon is a powerful amplifier of our manifesting work. As it moves through its phases it lends its energy to our intention and flows with our focus.
New moon phase is a start of a new cycle, and ideal time to plant the seed and make your new moon wishes. Full moon is the completion of the cycle, time to be grateful for what has come to fruition, harvest the crop and let go of anything that no longer serves. This is when we do a release ritual, and make space for more magic to manifest.

This kit has been designed so that you can consciously work with the energy of the moon, harness its energy and start manifesting your dreams into reality.

Selenite is a powerful crystal in clearing the energy around a person, object or a space. Selenite promotes clear thinking, instills deep peace and helps us see the bigger picture behind problems. It can assist us in finding our truth and connecting to our purpose. Selenite is an excellent stone in focusing and aligning energies and can assist in making and manifesting our true intentions.

Being connected to the crown and higher chakras selenite is a wonderful crystal for meditation and spiritual work. It’s pure white light vibration resonates with the energy of the moon and makes it ideal tool for Lunar manifesting work. It’s calming energies are soothing for emotions and supports us in deep healing work.

Selenite is a very protective stone and it shields its immediate environment from outside influences. It is self-clearing hence it does not hold lower or negative energies. The sphere radiates its serene energy evenly to all directions.

Assorted Smaller Crystals
The selection of crystals varies depending on availability, and current energetic atmosphere - what is needed!

Hand painted crystal grid base
Crystal grid is an intentional positioning of crystals, created to support a particular wish or goal. The grid creates more powerful and focused flow of energy.

Salt is a wonderful tool in healing and energy work with its purifying and protective qualities. There are many ways to use ritual salts to enhance your spells and manifesting work, here we use it particularly for lunar manifesting. This salt has been mixed with some lovely herbs and a bit of magic.

Sacred sage is for you to cleanse and bless your crystals and any other objects, and use in your ritual altar to instill peace and tranquility.

The smoke of sage (smudging) is used to remove and dispel the heavy and negative energy or entities from the aura, space or object, and creates a peaceful and sacred atmosphere. Smudging is a lovely way to create a sacred space for manifesting work.

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