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Join me for a journey through the eight lunar phases and learn the life changing power of Moon and Manifestation!

Course start dates:

Wednesday 17th of January 2018 Capricorn New Moon
Friday 16th of February 2018 Aquarius New Moon

Study anywhere anytime! Course will be run via email, pdf worksheets and audio recordings.

Over the period of 4 weeks you will learn the basic theory behind the art of manifestation, how the lunar energy can be harnessed to supercharge your manifesting work, and learn how and why to live in tune with the moon. The course begins at New Moon, and we work along with the lunar phases into Full Moon phase, through to another New Moon. Each lesson will take 15-30 minutes to complete and will be emailed to you at the start of each lunar phase. You can then complete the lesson in your own time (each Lunar phase lasting about 3.5 days). You will learn and refine our power to manifest through this cycle, and finish at another New Moon, with powerful intention setting and ritual.

Some of the topics we will explore include:
How manifesting can completely change your life
Law of vibration
How the words we use color our realities
Mind and emotions
Moon! The power of living in tune with the moon
How and why to practice Full and New Moon rituals
What are the common pitfalls in manifesting work and how to overcome them

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